Terms And Conditions


I, the user, the client, hereby certify that I know of no medical problem (except those noted herein) that would increase my risk of illness and injury as a result of participation in a regular weight and/or cardio training program. I understand that I have been advised to consult a physician prior to commencement of my weight and/or cardio training program to ensure my state of wellness to participate in such strenuous activities. Furthermore, I understand my trainer does not hold him/herself out to be a licensed Physician. LIST ALL MEDICATIONS OR PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS in the app settings section.


The Client is aware that weight and/or cardiovascular training and similar physical activities can be hazardous activities, and that there are potentially serious risks of injuries/death due to such participation. The Client is voluntarily participating in these activities with the knowledge of the danger(s) involved, and hereby agrees to accept any and all risks of injury or death.


I Voluntarily participate with my Trainer in these physical activities at Fitness Comes First I the Client, hereby agree that I, my assignees, heirs, distributes, guardians, and legal representative(s) will not make a claim against, sue, or attach the property of any Fitness Comes First Training its employee(s), trainers, independent contractors or owner, for injury or damage resulting from negligence or other acts, howsoever caused by any employee, agent or assistant of Fitness Comes First Training or any of its affiliated organizations as a result all actions, claims, or demands, that I, my assignees, heirs, distributes, guardians, and legal representative(s) now have or may hereafter have for injury or damage resulting from my participation in a weight and /or cardio training program. I, the Client, understand that I am personally responsible for my actions while participating in my assigned weight and/or cardio training program, and I waive responsibility of Jobi Morrison Fitness Comes First Training if I should incur any injury as a result of my own negligence.


The client expressly agrees that all weight training and/or cardio programs offered by trainer shall be undertaken by the client at his/ her sole risk. The Client understands and takes full responsibility for any and all injuries/damage(s) as a result of his/her own negligence, the negligence of others, or through no fault of the Client, Trainer, or anyone else, due to the nature of the activity. It is further agreed that Trainer shall not be liable for any injuries or damage to Client or Guest, nor to be subject to any claim, demand, injury or damages whatsoever, including but not limited to those damages resulting from acts of active or passive negligence on the part of Trainer, his/her successors or assigns. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold Trainer harmless for any loss caused by Client for which Trainer is accused or held liable including attorney’s fees and court costs.

Monthly Subscription

By purchasing a monthly subscription, you agree to an initial and recurring monthly Subscription fee at the then-current Subscription rate, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. You May cancel your monthly subscription at any time, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy.

Automatic Monthly Renewal Terms: Once you subscribe and are off the waitlist or free trial period FC1-Fitness Comes First will automatically process your monthly subscription in the next billing cycle. FC1-Fitness Comes First will automatically process your monthly subscription fee each month at the then-current monthly subscription rate, until you cancel your subscription. We explain how to cancel your subscription below in the section “Cancellation Policy.”


Client must give notice of cancellation by emailing fitnesscomes1@yahoo.com or in writing by Official Cancellation Notice (obtained from Jobi Morrison), at least 30 days prior to your stated payment date. Save a record of this email to serve as your cancellation receipt. This policy applies to all contracts. If for any reason there is a contract cancellation before expiration of the contract, the client must pay the full amount of monthly dues for the duration of the contract as an early cancellation penalty. Trainer reserves the right to cancel contract at any time. If trainer cancels contract, any cancellation fees will be voided and not owed by the Client.